Период: Девон

Lunaspis is an extinct genus of armor-plated petalichthyid placoderm fish that lived in shallow marine environments of the Early Devonian period, from approximately 409.1 to 402.5 million year ago. Fossils have been found in Germany, China and Australia. There are three different identified species of within the genus Lunaspis: L. broilii, L. heroldi, and L. prumiensis.
Like many other petalichthyid fish, Lunaspis are flat and have elongated pectoral spines, shortened thoracic armor, and dorsally oriented eyes.[4] Lunaspis has been studied mainly by German, Australian, and Chinese palaeontologists because of where it is most commonly encountered.[2] The tails are long and thin and resemble a whip, somewhat like extant skates and rays.[4