Fruitadens haagarorum

Период: Юра

In the Late Jurassic (around 150 Mya) of the USA, famous dinosaurs such as Allosaurus, Stegosaurus, Apatosaurus (= Brontosaurus), and Brachiosaurus were roaming the American west. Running around their feet, and doing their best not to get trampled, was a tiny dinosaur named Fruitadens haagarorum, named by Butler and colleagues in 2010). Fruitadens was a tiny, plant-eating dinosaur from the group known as heterdontosaurids.
Heterodontosaurids were a group of plant-eating ornithiscians related to iguanodontids (like Iguanodon) and hadrosaurids (like Parasaurolophus and Edmontosaurus), among others. These dinosaurs were commonly fairly small, and had "fangs" towards the front of their mouths.You should be able to see the fangs if you look close enough at the reconstruction. They actually get their name from their strong heterodont dentition. Even so, their morphology is relatively generalized, suggesting more of an omnivorous lifestyle, with plants, insects, and some other small organisms making up the majority of their diets.

Fruitadens was named based on a few individuals (4), but the holotype consists of incomplete jaws, several vertebrae, and partial hind limbs of a nearly full grown individual. This was sufficient, however, to determine that it was, indeed, something unique and new.