Pampaphoneus biccai hunting a Provelosaurus brasilienses

Период: Пермь

First drawing of Pampaphoneus biccai hunting a Provelosaurus brasilienses. Commission for Prof. Juan Cisneros.

"Brazil 260 million years ago was the stomping ground of the recently discovered Pampaphoneus biccai, aka the "Pampas Killer," according to new research.

This formidable predator was at the top of the food chain and looked like a creature from a science fiction novel. Project leader Juan Carlos Cisneros told Discovery News that gazing at this animal "would be like looking at a mixture between a tiger and a Komodo dragon, if you can imagine that."

The new species is described in the latest Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences."

From Discovery News.

This is the first drawing done using only photoshop. More than 90 days and 190 layers.